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WebRelief™ is more than a Web site development firm with technical know-how, we are also a marketing firm with advanced Marketing degreed resources.  When you combine Web site development technical know-how with Marketing savvy, a synergy is produced known as Web Marketing.  But what exactly is Web Marketing you ask?...

A fundamental question is usually asked by businesses: "Can I make money by establishing a presence on the web?"  Even non-profit organizations ask the same question in the context of bringing in more members and/or donations.  Yes, is the answer.

The results produced by marketing your product, company or organization solely through the Web will usually not be as impressive as the results you'll obtain if you also compliment your Web campaign with complementary promotional material.  Sometimes it is more effective to combine the web medium with print media such as newspaper advertisements.  This can be key when attempting to generate brand or company awareness for a new product.

When promoting an event on the web and that event is time-critical, you will get more traffic to your site if you combine more traditional media with your web effort, producing a one-two punch.  By increasing awareness of your site through for example, radio ads, the traffic to your site will be increased; sometimes dramatically.   Many customers who otherwise would not know about your event can be reached through other media, sparking their interest in visiting your site for more details.

It is critical to get your site registered with the major search engines, directories and listings.  This however is "passive" marketing in that traffic comes about only if a visitor is searching for your type of product or service.  If the visitor had not been explicitly looking for your type of business or service via a search engine, they most likely would not have known about you.

A limited marketing budget is always a concern, especially for the small business owner, but any business can promote their web site address on their business cards, fliers, brochures, etc.  Promoting through these other media increases site traffic.

Web Marketing is finding the most effective means of generating traffic, sales, leads, etc. to your site.  Ironically, the Web alone is not always the best way to market what you have to offer on the Web.

WebRelief™ consults with you to understand your objectives.   Through tightly focused sessions we come to understand your business objectives and target audience.  Based on your objectives, we formulate a recommendation that is usually Web centered ( but may include other media).  When we come to agreement, WebRelief™ quickly plans, specs out, and delivers the Web-based solution with you being kept in the loop, every step of the way.

This was meant to be a brief introduction into the world of Web Marketing.  Drop us an e-mail if you have specific questions or are interested in discussing your needs.

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